His Strength In My Weakness

I know one of the challenges I face is feeling like I’m not enough for God or other people when I can’t do certain things. A question I have really wrested with recently is, why would God take away my ability to do things that benefit or glorify him? Why would God make me so weak in front of so many people? I have always been someone who wants to look strong to all those around me. I always wanted to be able to do everything myself without anyone’s help. So to be exposed in my weakness to so many people really has taken away any pride I had left. And while many would see this as bad I do think God has purpose with it. He doesn’t want us to think we can do this life on our own he wants us to grow in and through our weakness and look to him for our strength. But it has helped me to be so much more real with people and honest about where my strength comes from. While many of us would admit our strength comes from God, we don’t credit God for things we feel we’ve accomplished on our own. And when he takes that away it is a good reminder that without him we are nothing. And this isn’t something I have achieved I still struggle with it a lot because it goes so against our human nature. But I have prayed that through my weakness that God would not only grow me but also that he would help me to encourage others to feel enough for God when we aren’t able to do what others around us can. All God asks us to do is glorify him so if that looks like you praying to him from bed or reading his word, that is enough for him.

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