Left Unhealed

I felt prompted to write this after a conversation with one of my best friends who also struggles with chronic health issues. She said to me, “It is so hard to see people being healed and not have it be me.” This is something I do struggle with from time to time but I want to share what has helped me with it. I think what is so hard is that in the Bible when people were healed he often said, “Your faith has healed you.” I have questioned myself many times if the reason I’m not healed is because I do not have enough faith. It can be very confusing when you feel like you weren’t picked when you feel like you should have been. An example I like to use is when Jesus was on earth many would gather in lines to be healed. As you can imagine almost everyone around would come with their sickness but because of the amount there was Jesus did not heal everyone there. I think it is easy to dwell on all who were healed in the Bible and forget about all those who weren’t. It was not because there wasn’t enough time but because Jesus knew it wasn’t their time yet. I’ve had many pray healing over me and I have complete faith God could heal me but he has also made it extremely clear to me that my time of healing is not now. Yes I do pray for healing every day and I do hope for it, but it doesn’t consume my life. I can have such a beautiful life even without that moment of healing on earth because I know I have a beautiful and perfect body awaiting me in heaven. God is so worth of my praise even in the toughest of times. He is worth the pain I have to experience on this earth because he endured much on earth as well.


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