What We Wanted

We can so easily get caught up in what we wanted, what we had planned. For me this year was going to be the first year in 5 years that would be somewhat normal for me. The doctors thought they had found a treatment that would get me to where I always wanted to be. They promised me a complete recovery and without realizing it that became everything to me. In September my world was shaken as everything I had planned was now far from what would be. Going from working out everyday and spending all my extra time working and hanging out with friends, to laying in a bed for months, it wasn’t exactly what I would have personally chosen. If I would have written my story I would have never suffered with chronic illness, I would have never put myself in bed for months while a lot of my life slipped away. But this is how God wrote it and I trust that somehow this is a much better way. We want control, being a complete control freak myself I do not like the feeling of loosing control. Not that we ever have it but when things go our way we feel like we have some control. Looking back and looking to the present I have seen so much growth in my own life. I have grown in my boldness with sharing the gospel, I have grown in my love for the Bible and prayer, and I have grown in how I react to hard situations. Even when life is not what we wanted, we can trust that God is going to work through us and around us.


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